How to apply?


In order to apply for the MIIP, and acquire citizenship, each main applicant must first apply for and be granted a Maltese Resident Card. This card affords immediate visa-free travel access to 160 counties worldwide.
The process for Resident Card Application requires the acquisition of a residential address in Malta, via a lease agreement or title deed on a purchased property.

Each applicant will be required to become officially resident in Malta for a period of at least 365 days. This time period is inclusive of any overseas travel, should it be required by the applicant.

The applicant officially takes up residence in Malta, completes the formal application, and provides all the required due diligence documents.

The client remits 40% of total professional fees.

The applicant, with the assistance of the Approved Agent (Accredited Person) and through his offices, submits the application for the MIIP.

The client remits the government due diligence fees, bank charges and the non-refundable deposit payment of €10,000 – source of funds must be verified.

Within 90 days, Identity Malta must verify that the application is correct, they have carried out the required checks, and the source of funds has been verified.

Payment of the remaining 60% of the total professional fee.

30 days later Identity Malta must either approve in principal, refuse or delay the application.
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Once the ‘Letter of Approval in Principle’ is granted, the applicant must provide proof of global health insurance, a written undertaking to buy or rent the required property, and a written undertaking to make the required £150,000 investment in Malta.

The applicant will be instructed to pay the balance of the contribution within 5 days and has 20 days in which to pay.

4 months after the issue of the Letter of Approval in Principle, the applicant must have concluded the purchase or lease of the property and provide proof of investments.
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Within two years, but not later than six months after the Letter of Approval in Principle, the Minister shall issue a Certificate of Naturalisation, provided all the conditions are met.
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The applicant must take an Oath of Allegiance and have been officially resident in Malta for 12 months before the application for a passport can be submitted.


* All applicants over the age of 18 must collect their passports in person in Malta
* Personal interviews are not mandatory, but may be required on a case by case basis
* Biometric data must be provided by all applicants aged 6 & over and fingerprints must be submitted by all applicants aged 12 and over