Who can apply?

Minimum criteria for eligibility for the main applicant

In order for this Category 2 status to be awarded, the following minimum criteria must be met:
  • The applicant must have a minimum net wealth of £2 million.
  • The applicant must have exclusive use of approved property, either bought or rented. The property must be of a certain standard and appropriate to sustain the lifestyle of the individual and family.
  • The applicant must not undertake business activities which compete with local entities that derive their income from within Gibraltar.
  • Some restrictions can apply if the applicant has lived or worked in Gibraltar within the preceding 5 years.
  • ‘CAT 2’ status is awarded on the decision of the Finance Centre Director.

Category 2 approved properties will cost a minimum of £300,000 or rental from £1,500 pcm. The Gibraltar property market is buoyant with a number of prestigious recent developments. Property purchases attract a Stamp Duty charge, but there is no Capital Gains Tax regime and hence no Capital Gains Tax on sale.

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