STM Residency Solutions Limited forms part of STM Group Plc,
an International Fiduciary Services Provider listed on the London Stock Exchange.
We have offices in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Malta, Jersey, Spain, and Australia
and are proud to offer a range of Citizenship and Residency Programmes.


STM currently specialise in providing The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP), which we believe provides an extremely attractive citizenship destination. In partnership with our accredited agents (and sister company) STM Malta Services Limited, we work together to promote the programme to clients and intermediaries throughout the world.


The MIIP Scheme is aimed at ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families and provides citizenship in a stable, neutral, and highly respected EU Member State.

Gibraltar has the benefit of a highly efficient tax-residency programme. The Category 2 Scheme offers beneficial tax rates to high-net-worth individuals and a ‘Cap’ on their tax liability in order to encourage relocation and the investment of wealth to the jurisdiction.